Don’t lose your memories

I have heard of many horror stories of people who have had their laptop damaged and subsequently lost some important pictures of their relatives and some of their memorable moments which was captured in pictures and videos. The saddest of all is a gentleman who was referred to me, whose computer hard drive packed up and as a result lost pictures of his deceased grandparents. Although I tried my best to help with the recovery of his cherished memories, the process was unsuccessful and it was as if he had just lost his grandparent again and heartbroken for the second time.

I also met a final year MBA student who had lost two years’ worth of hard work which includes her university projects, as well as a lady who runs her own business but was unable to recover her business documents after her laptop hard drive failed.
This and many other stories led me to this campaign to raise awareness and the importance of backing up your data to avoid this kind of situation. There is a saying that “that a wise person learns from other people failure”. Hence my recommendation for everyone is to take an active step to securing those cherished moments and memories of your loved ones and avoid making the dreaded statement, “I thought about it but thought I would do it later”.

I have been asked by someone that “what if your back up hard drive fails?” my answer was... it is almost impossible for two hard drive to fail at the same time. If your back up hard drive fails, then you have another chance to back it up again, and if your laptop or computer fails, you can still access your data from your back up drive. In fact there is no crime in having more than two copies of your back up, it is better to overdo it than under do it or not at all.

Also with the growth of cloud computing, user now have the ability to back up their data onto a virtual drive space where you no longer have to worry about hardware failure, some of these includes drop box, Sky drive, etc. which are available for free but with limited capacity.

The only challenge here for most people is the cost, however, this cost is a little price to pay compared with losing a university project, business portfolio or albums containing memories that had accumulated over many years.

It is imperative for you to assess the risks and take action today to secure your data. If you need help or guidance on how to back up the content of your computer, feel free to get in touch with us or visit us at

We also provide back-up services for home users and small businesses and we can tailor our services to your requirement. This includes one-off back up and periodic back up which can be scheduled to weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. Some of the available options include back up to individual and companies’ own hardware or you could take advantage of our military grade security encrypted cloud back up for computers and servers

Don’t lose your memories; take an active step today to preserve them!

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