VIRUS ALERT!!! - Fake Companies house/RBS email!
I receive this very convincing email from companies house regarding a complaint made against our company. I was very keen to find out what the complaint was about, after all, we don't want anyone to taint our business reputation. An attachment(zip file) was included in the email with instruction to download it. Within the zip file is a '.exe' file and clicking on this executable file springs my antivirus to life. Alas! the attachment contained a virus. Fortunately for me i don't know the capability of this virus but i am certain the intention of the virus creator is to damage my computer or steal my personal and confidential information.
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5 ways to keep your computer working properly

In this edition, we look at how we can keep our computers working at optimum performance, below are five things you can do to keep your laptop or PC working properly:
1. Ensure windows update is kept up to date
As annoying as it may be, updates are released in order to make your computer more secure and work properly as the manufacturers intended.
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5 things you need to know when buying a computer (PC or Laptop)

There are various reasons why one would decide it’s time for a computer purchase, however with so many different types of computers in the market, it is important to know which computer suits your need so you can avoid paying excessively for things you would never use. For example why would one pay over £1000 for a gaming laptop for mostly surfing the internet when a £200 net would do just the job.
Some people make their laptop or PC purchases for work, entertainment, gaming, internet surfing, social connections or a combination of the reasons listed. Whatever your reason, you need to be sure you are advised correctly so you can save your money where necessary.
Below are 5 things we have put together to help with your decision making:
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